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Brand New UNDERGROUND Traffic Sources Make Us $XXX PER Day From Just 3 Done-For-You Automated Campaigns 
Brand New UNDERGROUND Traffic

Sources Make Us $109 PER Day From 

Just 3 Done-For-You Automated Campaigns
WITHOUT Paid Ads, Technical Mumbo Jumbo Or ANY Previous Experience
Beginner Friendly | Ultra-Fast Results | Money-Back Guarantee
The FASTEST Shortcut To Daily Profits
In 3 Easy Steps
1. Unlock FREE traffic from the 3 secret sources inside

2. INSTANTLY monetize with DFY offers that sell
3. Rinse, repeat & scale we show you how
While it’s against the rules to guarantee results …

We CAN say this proven system has consistently worked for REAL USERS - people just like you. 
7 Minute Sales Machine puts a UNIQUE NEW TWIST
on one of the internet’s BEST money-making methods: CPA marketing …

AND combines it with 3 powerful, untapped & FREE traffic sources …

For an unstoppable profit machine that runs like clockwork.

   Facebook Ads

Launch Jacking

Needing an Email List

Solo Ads

It’s like affiliate marketing because you make commissions from OTHER people’s offers.

But what makes it even BETTER? You can profit without selling a thing. 
Unfortunately, far too often:
  • People follow systems that over-complicate what is really a SIMPLE process…
  • ​Spend unnecessary money on paid traffic … 
  • Waste MORE money & time on flashy softwares, testing and adding a bunch of moving parts that they just don’t need 
And get nowhere.

Only about 7% of CPA marketers make ANY decent money …

And MOST give up before making a single penny
With 7 Minute Sales Machine, you don’t need paid ads, an email list, or ANYTHING else to get amazing results with CPA.

This is the fastest 3 step simple system to consistent online income you’ve ever seen. Period.
Proof This Works 
Check These RECENT Results

[SCREENSHOTS-suggest daily increasing amounts from original sales page]

This fantastically simple method has been working for months

Is working right NOW

And will continue to work long term thanks to the rock solid foundation it’s built on.

So if you’re sick of BS methods ..

Finding out that every ‘system’ you follow requires multiple expensive tools ...

Or if you don’t want the complications, hassles & overheads of running a full-blown online business ...

And PREFER the idea of banking daily commissions as quickly as possible

You’re in exactly the right place so make sure to read every word of this message.


While we each run successful 6 figure monthly online businesses …

And have shown thousands of others how to profit online …

We realize that not everybody wants their own business.

In fact, MOST beginners and up-and-coming marketers we talk to tell us one thing:
Show Me The Money!
They’re not interested in creating products, building ecom stores, investing in flashy softwares or learning complicated skills …
They just want a simple, FAST, and consistent way to bring in daily cash.

That’s EXACTLY why we developed 7 Minute Sales Machine.

Hands-down the fastest, easiest profit system you’ve ever seen …

And practically EFFORTLESS to scale to jaw-dropping commissions.
Sure It Works For Us … But What’s Even Better?
It’s Doing AMAZING Things For Others As Well:
Welcome To 7 Minute Sales Machine
Simply the FASTEST way to daily commissions
7 Minute Sales Machine Is 
A COMPLETE Daily Income Solution …
You get the traffic.

You get the DFY offers.

And EVERYTHING you need to turn them into profits

DON’T Let The Simplicity Of This Method Fool You … It’s EXTREMELY Powerful

Notice how the BEST solution is usually the simplest?9
That’s what 7 Minute Sales Machine is all about.
We’ve taken one of the most consistent commissions systems ever - CPA …
Then SPED it up
And matched it with floods of targeted traffic that’s 100% FREE!

Take A Look Inside 7 Minute Sales Machine To See
The Magic For Yourself:
Why 7 Minute Sales Machine Is 10X Better Than 
Other CPA Commission Methods
Never-Before-Seen Combo Of Untapped Traffic & DFY Campaigns
You only need 2 things to profit with CPA [cost per acquisition] marketing:
Great traffic, and great offers.

Most CPA ‘systems’ add all kinds of moving parts that complicate things, COST money, and DELAY any potential results.
With 7 Minute Sales Machine, You WON’T Need ...

ANY Paid Tools - run this powerful system without
buying a single software 

An Advertising Budget - this works amazingly well
with the secret FREE traffic sources we show you 

To WAIT For Results - simply connect the free traffic to the DFY offers and see commissions in as little as HOURS from now! 

Because this daily commission system INCLUDES:


The included 3 free traffic sources average over 
575 MILLION monthly visitors


You get our proven top-converting offers that literally sell themselves 


You’ll discover 2 powerful, UNTAPPED methods for ultra-fast results … Plus our ‘secret sauce’ scaling method to take things to the next level 

 Everything You Need  
 TO SHORTCUT Your Success:

Ultra-Fast Startup:

See step-by-step how to get started with CPA networks …
  • Which ones to register with
  • ​How to sign up
PLUS a copy / paste script that makes getting network approval much easier

* because network terms can change without notice, it’s impossible to offer a 100% acceptance guarantee … HOWEVER if you have any trouble let us know and we’ll do everything we can for you!

You get 3 under-the-radar CPA offers that convert like crazy:
  • Most marketers don’t even know these offers exist, so there’s​ How to sign up
  • The potential payouts can EASILY translate into 3 figures per day
  • These offers SELL THEMSELVES => no wasted time on split testing or other tedious tasks 

DFY Offers:

Free, TOP Quality Traffic:

Inside you’ll discover 3 sources of mind-blowing traffic …
That are virtually UNTOUCHED by online marketers.

These platforms get over 575 MILLION monthly visitors …

HIGHLY targeted for the 3 specific offers you’ll be sending them to …
And we’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it!
You get over NINETY [90] copy & paste posts to skyrocket your campaigns.

We’ve tested and optimized these for months so they’re ready to go right out of the box. 

Just plug any of these into the included traffic and you’re all done … SET & FORGET simple!
Daily CPA commissions don’t get ANY easier than this.

DFY Campaigns:

2 POWERFUL Earning Methods In One

7 Minute Sales Machine gives you TWO unique commission systems in one.
  • The 1st exploits an ultra-hot platform that barely ANYONE uses for CPA offers …
  • ​The second taps into a massive but overlooked platform PACKED with people that LOVE these kinds of offers.
To scale most CPA systems, you’re forced to TEST new campaigns, SPEND more money on ads, and simply hope for the best.

Boring, time consuming and expensive.

Forget that!  

With 7 Minute Sales Machine, growing your potential profits is WAY easier and doesn’t cost a penny … just follow the ‘special sauce’ methods for getting maximum exposure to your winning offers.

‘Secret Sauce’ 
Scaling Method:

Why ‘7 Minute 
Sales Machine’?
Because this method is FAST … so fast that most of our beta testers were in profit within 7 minutes of launching their 1st campaign.
There’s nothing stopping you from doing the same.

With the DFY campaigns, top-converting offers & laser-targeted traffic …

We have NEVER found a system that makes commissions faster than this.

SPEED Matters

About 95% of people that try CPA marketing give up before seeing a dime.
Which is too bad, because ELITE CPA marketers frequently make 6 figure profits


So we specifically designed 7 Figure Sales Machine to get you results LIGHTNING fast … because the faster you start making commissions, the faster you can SCALE your profits.
If You Tried To Do THIS
 On Your Own 
  • ​You’d be looking at spending $1000s on a huge variety of CPA trainings & possibly specialized coaching.
  • Then paying for page building softwares & other fancy tools … not to mention all the time it takes to learn how to use them.
  • ​You’d also need another thousand dollars or so to ‘test’ various traffic sources …
  • Try to figure out how to even get approved by various CPA networks …
  • Spend dozens of hours sifting through HUNDREDS of different offers to hopefully find some winners ... 
And even after ALL THAT … you’d have zero guarantees of results
OR … You Could Just Use Our PROVEN System …
Let Us Do 95% Of The Work FOR YOU

SHOW You The 3 Simple Steps That Turn Traffic Into Commissions

And Leave NOTHING To Chance!

How Much Would 3 Figures In DAILY Commissions
 Change Your Life? 
For many people, that kind of money can let them quit their J.O.B.
and live very comfortably.

For others, it’s the difference between ‘getting by’ and making lifestyle income.
In literally MINUTES per day.

Many CPA courses that claim to get results similar to this usually cost $497 and up … with recurring monthly or yearly fees.

Right now, you can lock in complete & ongoing access to 7 Minute Sales Machine for the shockingly low one-time price of just $XX with ZERO ongoing fees.

We can’t promise the price will stay this low for long, so hurry to get in now.
You’ve Got Everything To Gain … And Absolutely NOTHING To Lose
Ethically steal content in seconds
Insert your own monetization (easy)
Blast your content with “high powered” Octane technology (fast)
And that’s it!

Octane is the fastest tool on the market that just gets results, period.

It’s a great solution for newbies or intermediates who want to benefit from content without having to struggle to create the content on their own.

Imagine having instant content in just minutes from now…

It’s possible… With Octane!
Octane is the ONLY TOOL You Will Ever Need.
The 7 Minute Sales Machine Rock Solid 
100% Money Back Guarantee
The value inside this results-backed system already make it a no-brainer.

But we don’t want anything holding you back from enjoying all the benefits.

So you get a full 30 days to try out 7 Minute Sales Machine for yourself.

See how easy it is to get results with the powerful methods, traffic and DFY campaigns inside.

If for any reason you’re not thrilled or even just change your mind …

Let us know and we’ll refund your tiny investment.
Now that we’ve removed all risk from you, go ahead and get started right now by clicking below.
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You’re Set To CRUSH It With The Power Of CPA, Free Traffic & DFY
SET & FORGET Campaigns
Thanks for stopping by this page. We wish you amazing success in your business, and would love to help in any way we can.
P.S. This is a time-sensitive offer and the low price won’t last. You’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose when you get your copy now.
Questions & Answers
Q. What’s 7 Minute Sales Machine All About?
It’s a simple yet very powerful method for making daily commissions.
It combines 3 untapped traffic sources, unique offers and DFY campaigns to give you an UNFAIR advantage.
Q. What KInd of Experience Do I Need?
Absolutely zero! This system is literally copy & paste simple. No website building, no tech skills needed. Just follow the steps we lay out and you’re good to go!
Q. Will I Need A Budget For Traffic?
Save your money - the traffic in this method is 100% free, and we show you EXACTLY how to get it.
q. Where Can I Get Support?
From inside your dashboard you’ll be able to connect with our friendly support team. These pros are happy to answer any questions you might have and always have your back.
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